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Chuck episode 5X12 picspam/recap

I can't believe it's almost a year since the last time I wrote a recap. I don't even know why I'm still doing it, frankly, but I promised and I'll keep writing them until the last episode. And I hope I can write the last one, because the more I reach the ending the more I suffer an illness/accident/bad news. I think this thing is cursed or something. But I don't care, I promised and a promise is a promise!

I hope you'll appreciate my sacrifice :-)

Anyway, let's begin this before I have a heart attack.

Last episode...Collapse )


Chuck episode 5X11 picspam/recap

Chuck Vs. the Bullet Train is the typical "game changer" episode. You know, one of those "and it'll never be the same" that one sees so much in comics (especially Marvel comics). Just that, in this case, it is true.

I want to congratulate Nicholas Wooton for this episode, because he wrote it all by himself and it's very funny (with a great use of Jeffster.) See? He got the hang of it just at the end.

Oh God... let's not talk about that.

Anyway... In the previous episode, Carmichael industries met Nicholas Quinn, King of Scotland, an evil guy, former CIA agent and the true candidate of the Intersect until Bryce and Chuck got in the middle (thanks for ruining my fanon theories, writers.) Quinn wanted to get Morgan's sunglasses, the ones that magically showed up out of nowhere. Chuck and Company defeated him but didn't follow him, which ended up being a very bad idea because he kidnapped Chuck. Quinn threatens to kill him if Sarah and Casey don't give him the sunglasses. But in a very dramatic turn of events, Sarah uses the glasses to download the intersect into her brain...This episode begins...Collapse )


Chuck episode 5X10 picspam/recap

Hello, hallo, greetings.

As promised, I'm continuing this process that is going to kill me writing Chuck's recaps.

Before I begin, I want to  put this little problem I have with the plot out of the way. It's about the macguffin of the episode (and the last arch of the show): the intersect glasses. They're not Morgan glasses (which only had one shot), but they're glasses that have exactly the same virus Morgan's glasses had. I mean... What? How is that possible? Who built those glasses? Or are you telling me that all the Intersect glasses have the same problem? That's the only way I can explain it, that they're a batch of defective Intersect glasses, that they're a new project of the CIA and they're not perfected yet. Because other way... Crazy.

After explaining this little objection I have, let's dig into Bo Dereck Chuck's last story arch (*bawl*).Collapse )

Chuck episode 5X09 picspam/recap

So, yeah, here I am again.

I know, I know, don't I have any shame? Actually... No. What can I say? There are two possible ways to tell you why I've been away for so long. The boring way is "Life. It kind of got in the way." The more interesting way is "I died after Chuck's finale and then I had to travel from Hell to Heaven with a man named Virgil as only companion." Anyway... I didn't know if after so many months I it was worth it to finish my recaps but I decided to do so for two reasons: one, I promised I would finish them and two, a gift for the Holidays.

As always, there will be the drinking game. But since this episode doesn't give us many kisses (again), there will be the alternative drinking game. This time, take a drink every time you see a cliché about pregnancy (and believe me, youre going to see a few.)
So without more ado, let's begin Chuck Vs. the Kept Man (AKA that episode about Casey that every season has.)Collapse )


Chuck: episode 5X08 picspam/recap

Oh this episode. This glorious, Gruyère cheese, retcon maximus, episode. This episode that supposedly tells us a lot about Sarah's past but actually doesn't make the important issues clear (not for me, anyway.)

And still, even if the episode's structure looks a little weird and it feels a little disjointed and uneven, I love this episode. The Sarah-centric episode of this last season of Chuck. What can I say? I'm the "Happy Fan," I like all the episodes.

It begins with... A Flashback!Collapse )


Chuck: episode 5X07 picspam/recap

In this fifth season, that began calmly enough and has been increasing the intensity, this last episode was one of those thrilling/dramatic/game changer episodes that Chuck is in the habit of showing.

The stakes were higher than in any of the previous episodes of this season, and that's because an old enemy appears. An enemy that should have been a surprise, but you know how the promo people works.

All in all, this episode follows the custom initiated by Chuck Vs. the Santa and doesn't disappoint.

The episode begins with Christmas Fear.Collapse )


Chuck episode 5X06 picspam/recap

This episode is, scene wise, less abound in Chara-ness, but the importance of such scenes for the relationship is the same.

Let's dig into Chuck Vs. the CurseCollapse )


Since I don't have time but I want to comment the episodes, if only a little, I've decided to go back to the old times and review only the relationship of Chuck and Sarah. That's what you always do, you will say. But this time, the focus would be exclusively talking about the relationship (not the couple in the episode). With a little of luck it would be shorter than usual and I'll have time to review two episodes. Cross your fingers.

So let's begin the analysis of Chuck and Sarah in Chuck Vs. the Hack OffCollapse )


Chuck: episode 5X04 picspam/recap

It is traditional in the Chuck fandom, that after a couple of episodes of fans being divided and discussing about if they like the new story arc or not or whatever, there comes an episode that everybody loves and makes the Chucksters unite again in a peaceful communion of love.

This is that episode.

Funny, quite Chara-centric and with a powerful ending, it has every ingredient to be liked by the fans (especially we shippers.) Also, it's just a blast for playing to the drinking game. Yes! This gets better and better.
If you remember, the previous episode ended with Beckman telling Chuck that there was a kill order against Morgan...Collapse )


Chuck episode 5X03 picspam/recap

I don't know you, but I'm enjoying season 5 so far. Things are happening, the plot is fun and the characters' interactions are full of comedy golden moments.

And in this episode, Sarah goes back to be the straight "man." Not that she doesn't have funny moments (especially with Casey), but she seems the last sane woman in the kingdom in this particular episode. An episode, by the way, that I liked. For several reasons, but above all because we can have our original drinking game with more than one drink.


The episode begins with Casey, Verbanski... and Sarah playing Cyrano.Collapse )